From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Blue Q-Tips

From the Desk of Simon Presley July 3, 1997

Simon Presley

Chesebrough Pond's USA Co.
33 Benedict Place
Greenwich, CT 06830

Dear Q-tips Cotton Swabs,

So whatever happened to the blue handles? I remember a time when I knew I was using a quality swab when I was gripping an azure wand between my fingers. But now, I can't tell your swab from one of those generic swabs! I know you guys have staked your claim in household word usage. (Kind of like kleenex, coke, and rollerblades.) People use the word Q-Tip to mean any old cotton-tipped appliance.
But any old cotton-tipped appliance is not a Q-Tip! And losing the blue handle removed any personal identity you guys had. Sure, I know which ones I have at home, because the box at the store says Q-Tips. But, when I'm away, it's pretty hard to tell! Your cotton tips don't fall apart like the other guys, that's one way to tell, but I'd like to know beforehand.
If you won't bring back the blue handles, maybe you guys could just print a tiny Q on each one like the M&M's guys do. Except they use an M, of course.
And I'd just like you guys to know that I am one of those very few people who follows the warning on the box - do not enter the ear canal. Like my doctor used to say, never stick anything in your ear bigger than your elbow. You can use that, I don't think he'd mind.

Simon Presley