From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Naked Drumstick

From the Desk of Simon Presley June 13, 1997

Simon Presley

Nestlé Ice Cream Company
Solon, OH 44139-2290

Dear Nestlé,

Is the name French? It must be, because only the French could make food as good as you. But only Americans could come up with treats as creative as the Butterfinger and the Crunch bar. Who would have thought - rice crispies and chocolate!
But I write to you today concerning one of your more delicious desserts: the Drumstick. (I had no idea it's been around since 1928!) I used to eat the Nutty Buddy in grade school every day, but it doesn't compare to your version. The round top makes all the difference, I think.
I was a bit bewildered, though, when I came to the last in this particular box of four and found that it was al fresco (without a wrapper)! I'm not sure how I missed it before, but this was definitely a nude Drumstick. I didn't feel safe in eating it, so I threw it away. I would have mailed it to you, requesting a replacement, but I couldn't figure out a way to keep it from melting.
Three out of four ain't bad, but I still paid for one more. What should I do? If it helps, the box says the Manufacturing Plant Number is 06-30 7035 14B 2042.

Thanks for a speedy reply,
Simon Presley

P.S. Here's an idea you might put on your box: Bite off the pointy end and let the ice cream melt into your mouth. Many a summer I've spent laying in my hammock, with a Drumstick sticking out of my mouth!