From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Sanitary Ding-Dongs

From the Desk of Simon Presley June 2, 1997

Simon Presley

Interstate Brands Corporation
General Office
Kansas City, MO 64111

Dear Hostess,

Hello to the Show Me State! Some day I hope to visit - maybe this year's Christmas road trip.
But, I write to you today with some concern. Last night, I returned from my local H.E.B. (we pronounce it Heeb) with my usual groceries. But, having recently completed training for my new job, I thought I would treat myself with a little something extra. So, I purchased a 12-pack box of your Ding-Dongs. I must admit that I haven't had one in quite some time, but I figured it's been long enough since I've unwrapped one of those sweet silver pastries.
I was shocked to find, however that they weren't silver at all, but wrapped in plastic! What happened? I don't know how long this has been going on, but it just doesn't seem right. The silver wrapping was your trademark! It was what distinguished the Ding-Dong from all other snacks. It was practically an American icon!
Now it looks like something I might find in a hospital. Maybe the aluminum cover wasn't as sanitary, but at least you could recycle it. Please bring back the aluminum!

Snack Lover,
Simon Presley

P.S. Do you give tours?