From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Dial by Number

From the Desk of Simon Presley April 27, 2000

Simon Presley

Consumer Affairs
MCI Worldcom
701 S. 12th Street, 8th Floor
Arlington, VA 22202

Dear 1-800-COLLECT Engineers,

I suppose you're not used to receiving old-fashioned mail like this, what with being in the phone business and all. But, I thought this would be the best way to tell you my idea.
My good friend Phillip (Phil) works as a local telephone operator and has quite a number of stories about his strange experiences on the phone. (I have quite a few myself about the proofreading biz - we trade them over sodas on the weekend. I'm not a proofreader, yet, but I'm studying to be one.) He often tells me about all the people who dial "0" just to ask him how to dial 1-800-COLLECT. No fooling!
I would think that all your television commercials would be informative enough, but I guess not. I can't imagine having to explain what the letters on the buttons are for. Crazy!
So I got to thinking one evening while I was cleaning my fish tank - what would make it easier? My first idea was to make a "1-800-COLLECT" button on the phone. But, I realized you couldn't fit all that on one button. The most that fits on one of my buttons is "OPER."
Then I figured it out! You could mail out a card that fits over the buttons, with numbers in the order you dial. Dial by number! I made a prototype using my own phone so you could see what I mean. Just press the numbers in order. It's as easy as 1-2-3! That could even be your new slogan!
If you use it, maybe you could return the favor by helping me get one of those cell phones.

I've got your number,
Simon Presley