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A Presentation of The Big Waste of Space
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Sorry, folks.

I suppose this is just another case of a few bad apples spoiling it for the bunch. (Yes, I know, apples are in bushels and bananas are in bunches, but roll with it.)

It seems that the guest book which I have so graciously provided for everyone to share their Shatner jokes and stories has become nothing more than a place for people to plug their horrendous junk-store Web sites.

I'm also quite disappointed in the loser who can find nothing more to do than repeatedly enter sickening messages in the name of my good friend Larry Hovis. Their continuous removal wasn't enough of a message for you to stop? Well, I'm tired of deleting them. I guess you win. Congratulations. Be sure to tell your grandchildren.

For those of you who contributed legitimate entries, I thank you. For the rest of you who had hoped to participate in the real fun, I apologize. I no longer have patience for leeches and trolls.

Guest book courtesy of Matt's Script Archive.

A Presentation of The Big Waste of Space
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