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I support and encourage the open communication that the Internet promotes. That's why I accept submissions from anyone who believes he has spotted a flub in this fine film we call Jurassic Park. But, sometimes I get e-mail from people who just don't seem to have it all together. People just one enchilada short of a combination, if you know what I mean.

Most of these submissions I just toss into the Deleted Items folder. But, some of them I file into what I call the Huh? Bin. These are usually the ones to which I react with incredulous laughter or with a simple thought of, "What could they have been thinking?" And those are the ones I share with you now. You might not find them as amusing as I do, but then again... hey, look, something shiny...


You stated it right in your comment, but they got it backwards in the movie. The mirrors state it that "Objects may be closer than they appear" but the movie mirror said "Objects may be farther than they appear". I saw a Far Side to this effect a few years ago and I think they may have played a little "borrow that joke". What kind of messed up mirror would that be. It would narrow your field of vision just so you could see someone behind you better? Hello?

Did it now? (Screenshot)

When Ellie and Muldoon get outta the car after the T-Rex attack, the other car is in perfect condition. Didn't the rex step on it though?

Yes. Just after the Harlem Globetrotters landed on the island and played a game of 21 against the robots.

As we all know, Speilburg likes to throw in inside jokes in his movies. well, we see one in Jurassic Park when the Raptor is looking up at the ceiling while the characters are crawling around up there. what at first appears to be light coming through the grating of the ceiling, upon closer inspection, is actually a series of C's D's G's and T's, the letters used in DNA coding. Some people think it's supposed to be coming from the computer screen on the desk, but look closely. it's supposed to look like light coming through the grating.

The light, which looks unmistakably like letters projected from one of the computer screens next to the Raptor, is actually light coming down through a grate in the ceiling made to look like letters that would be on one of the computer screens next to the Raptor. I got it.

Hey Eli,
I'm not real sharp when it comes to reptiles, however I DO know they are cold blooded. How does a cold blooded animal create the heat necessary to fog a window anyway?

It's not so much that this one didn't realize they had explained in the movie that the dinosaurs were warm-blooded, but why in the world did he call me Eli?

ok, it's the scene w/ Nedrey where he dies. he's back up the hill and turns around to get dilophosaurus spit in his eyes. he screams, turns and hits his head on the jeep, not notice the can full of embrios fall from him. where did they come from? it looks like they came from his shirt, or even his neck.

That's right. He was hiding them in his neck.

Once the storm hits it becomes very dark. I realize that it would become dark but not that dark.

Must have been one of those rare nighttime storms.

I am not at all an expert on helicopter ( I have never even been in one) but where did they get a helicopter that was so "posh". You can hardly even hear the blades spinning at high speeds just above their heads and you never see the pilot, you would think that you would be able to see the pilot from the back where you were sitting.

Only an expert would know.

the scene where grant and the kids see the gallamimas, now, listen to what grant says, he says " look at how they change direction, just like birds avaiding.." yes, he says avaiding! um, shoulding it be AVOIDING!

I don't think I need to touch this one.

After the goat leg is thrown on top of the car, you see the Tyrannosaur finish eating it, but, the goat that he eats still has both of its legs intact.

I didn't do that well in biology, but as far as I know, goats have four legs.

SCENE: Automatic Tour in the jeeps-ok, there's a few things i noticed here, first of all, in the Diloposaurus(?) area, notice how high the fences are and how high the trees are. now, cant those little suckers climb trees???

Well, that would have been a different movie altogether, now wouldn't it?