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The Big Waste of Space Presents The Flubs of Jurassic Park
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About The Flubs of Jurassic Park

The Phenomenon
[Yahoo Magazine Clipping] The Flubs of Jurassic Park has recently been featured in the February 2000 edition of Yahoo Internet Life magazine! Well, OK, not "featured." "Mentioned" would be more appropriate. If you happen to pick up a copy (I picked up two), check out page 56, bottom-right corner. It's under "Extreeemely Specialized" along with The Vehicles Appearing in Adam-12 and Three Kids Kicking the Crap Out of a Chair for No Particular Reason. We're in good company.

The Origin
The Flubs of Jurassic Park is a presentation of The Big Waste of Space, which is my ever-increasing obsession. (Increasing in size, not in my obsession.) The original flubs list was compiled on the 26th of April, 1997 by myself, Wesley Treat, along with Craig Robertson and Denise Scott, and with the help of Christian Sanders. Since then, the pages have been maintained by myself and checked for errors by the others, as well as by the list's visitors.

The Reason
I, and the others responsible for this list, suffer from an unhealthy monomania with the trivial. Besides, we like the attention.

The Tools
The screen shots featured in the list were captured from widescreen-format video using the appropriately named Canopus DV-Rex non-linear editing system. The video clips were then brought into Adobe Premiere for exporting the appropriate frames, then cleaned up and made ready for the Web in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady.

The Sequel
[The Lose World] I have to admit, as much as I enjoyed (and still enjoy) the original, I was not rooting for a follow-up. Personally, I think Crichton's continuation stank, and the film, although visually entertaining, was far from excellent. That's why I had to laugh when I spotted this little typo in the newspaper's movie listings.

Incidentally, I've neither the interest nor the energy to begin a list discussing the flubs in the current sequel or any forthcoming. I have a hard enough time keeping this one up to date, as well as the rest of the site. But, thank you all the same.