Grease for the Brainpan
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The perpetually popular children's clay substance Play-Doh is the result of an attempt to create a cleaning product for wallpaper.

For the entire length of the film Casablanca, no one ever says the words, "Play it again, Sam."

Saint Nicholas, inspiration for the beloved, gift-bearing Santa Claus, is the patron saint of thieves.

Every regulation baseball in the world is sewn by hand.

Rated the world's most polluted metropolis, Mexico City's hydrocarbon levels are about those inside New York's Lincoln Tunnel.

Due to the Doppler Effect, the sound of an approaching bomb actually increases in pitch, rather than decreasing as heard in most cartoons.

Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca's surname, while associated with the exploration of the American Southwest, translates literally to "head of a cow."

There are no known pathogens (deadly micro-organisms) which can survive in beer.

When viewing something pleasurable, the human pupil will dilate.

Charred meat contains a mild toxin.
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