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In 1954, Cheerios (originally called Cheerioats) began offering Confederate play money in their boxes and eventually printed more notes than were ever produced by the Confederacy itself.

Due to the lack of a buffering atmosphere, the difference in environmental temperatures between two space-walking astronauts one in direct sunlight, the other in shadow can be as much as 350 degrees.

A single pound of $50 bills would be worth $24,500.

A popcorn kernel will pop between 400 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the early 1900s, immigrants arriving at Ellis Island were greeted with a "Welcome to America" serving of Jell-O.

Viking ships were maneuvered using a paddle known as the "steer board" typically mounted on the right side, which inspired the nautical term "starboard."

In the summer of 1959, the United States Postal Service experimented with the delivery of letters by guided missile.

The world's first land-speed record was set by an electric car at 39 MPH.

George Washington's dentures weren't, as legend supposes, made of wood, but were fashioned from hippopotamus tusk.

There exists a makeshift, one-hoop basketball court inside the peak of Disneyland's Matterhorn.
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