From the Desk of Simon Presley Who Is This Guy?
Too Many Bags

From the Desk of Simon Presley June 2, 1997

Simon Presley

Customer Relations
H.E.B. Food Stores
P.O.Box 839999
San Antonio, TX 78283-9963

Dear H.E.B.,

There is an issue which has annoyed me for quite some time now and I felt I should write to you. I shop quite frequently at your San Marcos location (across from Blockbuster - my friends call it "the Heeb") and have become more than a little perturbed by the behavior of your bagpersons.
I normally choose to have my groceries placed in your plastic bags. (Although I'm not even sure you have paper anymore - do you? They don't ask anymore. Whatever happened to "Paper or plastic?") Now your plastic bags seem quite sturdy. Sometimes I use them to line my small garbage can in my kitchen. But, your bagpersons have the habit of using too many bags. When I get home from shopping for my groceries for the week, I find only a loaf of bread in a bag all to itself. The same with paper towels! You can't tell me a couple of cans of green beans won't fit in there, too. And why do they bother putting a gallon of milk in a bag by itself? It has it's own handle! It's more awkward to carry it in a bag.
I'm no Mr. Green Environment, but I do try to do my part. When I think of all the people leaving H.E.B. with a lone loaf of bread in a bag, I get a little mad. A lot of people buy bread and that's a lot of bags! I assumed your employees got training for this type of thing, but I guess not.
And while I'm writing, might I suggest changing the color of your bags. Frankly, the light brown is a bit ugly. How about a nice white or maybe yellow. (That would match my kitchen, too.)
I hope to hear that this problem has been addressed quite soon.

Keep the prices low!
Simon Presley