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Rhode Island was the first state to require a driver's test.

William Randolph Hearst had hired Adolf Hitler to write opinion columns for his newspaper, but fired him for continually missing his deadlines.

For a time, Walt Whitman's brain resided at the Wistar Institute, a University of Pennsylvania facility, although it was reportedly discarded after a research assistant dropped it.

The white space between the capital E and the lowercase X in the FedEx logo forms a little arrow.

Alexander the Great was embalmed in honey.

Kleenex tissues were originally developed as gas-mask filters during World War I.

The first message transmitted over the Internet (then known as ARPANet) was "LOGIN," although on the first try, it crashed on the G.

The world's largest known pyramid is not in Egypt; it is the Great White Pyramid in China.

Due to years of unregulated oil dumping, Ohio's Cuyahoga River became a combustible waterway that ignited four times in 1949, 1951, 1952 and 1969.

Surprisingly, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon was not the much-celebrated "Steamboat Willie," but rather a short titled "Plane Crazy," penned by Walt Disney's partner Ub Iwerks. The second was "Galloping Gaucho." "Steamboat Willie" appeared third, but was the first to use synchronized sound.
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